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stamped concrete pool deckPugliese Pool Service Offers Stamped Concrete for The People in South Orange, NJ

If you need your pool decking replaced then, Alex and his team at Pugliese Pool Service in West Orange, NJ will replace it with a stamped concrete instead. What is stamped concrete pool deck you may ask? Well, it’s an ideal pool deck surface that combines the attributes of the beauty, durability and also low maintenance. The stamped concrete pool deck will help give your pool a vast array of decorative options that are not possible with any other pool deck materials. And you can choose from many different types of stamped concrete pool decks like stone, brick, and tile patterns and even a wood-grained texture.

Here are some designs ideas that will help you come up with the type of stamped concrete pool deck that you want to be done for your pool. And they are:

1. So, if your concrete pool deck that is exposed to the hot sun all day, you want to make sure that you keep the surface cooler by coloring the concrete with lighter shades, for example, sand, coral or pearly white tones.
2. Try avoiding the use of stamp patterns that have a deep grout line or a rough surfaces texture because this will allow the water to collect and then it will be uncomfortable to walk barefoot.
3. Make sure you set off your pool deck and adding decorative interest by installing a pool border, or coping, in the contrasting color and pattern.
4. Make sure you terrace the level of your stamped concrete pool deck to help provide the separated zones for your lounging and recreation time.

We at Pugliese Pool Service in West Orange, NJ suggest that if you’re going to get a stamped concrete pool deck done here are some good stamped concrete pool deck projects that you can have done for your pool. And they are:

1. White-on-White
2. Concrete Pool That Comes Alive After Dark
3. A Hand-Cut Border
4. A Leafy Accents
5. A Great Touch of Elegance

By having these wonderful stamped concrete pool deck projects done for your pool in the area of South Orange, NJ your pool will be looking better than ever. So, make sure you call Alex and his team at 973-736-8184, or contact them at http://pugliesepoolservice.com/index.php/contact-us.

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