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pool maintenancePugliese Pool Service Inc Offers Pool Maintenance in Millburn, Short Hills, NJ in Essex County, NJ

If you live in Millburn, NJ or Short Hills, NJ in Essex County, NJ then, this is the perfect time to get your pool maintenance done so you can enjoy your pool for the summer. Pugliese Pool Service Inc in West Orange, NJ does a remarkable job when it comes to doing pool maintenance so then you can have your pool ready for the summer.

There are many great advantages to fiberglass pools. Let’s begin to discuss these benefits or advantages the installation of these kinds of pools in the Millburn, NJ and Short Hills, NJ area of Essex County, NJ.

One advantage is that they are low maintenance because the surface of the pool is typically non-porous and using something called Gelcoat and is mostly smooth. Other pool types are instead rough and porous. The disadvantage to rough-surfaced pools is that they can harbor algae in small cavities and the pores of the surface of concrete pools.


Alex and his staff here at Pugliese Pool Service Inc in West Orange, NJ are here to give your pool the best maintenance and also make sure that it has the best modernizing equipment up to date. Here are some ranges of services that Pugliese offers to make sure your pool is at the highest standard.

1. Installation and Servicing Pool Pumps
2. Installation and Servicing Pool Filtration Systems
3. Installation and Servicing of Pool Heaters
4. Seasonal Openings for your Pool
5. Seasonal Closings for your Pool
6. Pool Pressure Testing
7. Acid Wash Pool

By offering all the pool maintenance and modernizing all the equipment, Alex and his staff at Pugliese Pool Service Inc in West Orange, NJ will make sure your pool it’s looking it’s best when you use it for the summertime.




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