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Pugliese Pool Service takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our clients to design custom solutions that exceed expectations.
Our attentive staff makes every effort to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

We value our customers and would to like share their experience with working with us:

"Every once in a while you find a contractor who is passionate about what he or she does, performs great work, and is driven to satisfy the customer!

In the summer of 2013 I purchased a house with an existing built in pool. The pool had been abandoned for several years and was in major disrepair. My pool is an old 32,000 gallon Gunite pool built in the 70’s. The plaster, tile, coping, plumbing, and equipment was all broken and deteriorated from years of neglect and exposure to the weather. I called a few pool companies and left messages for them to call me back. Not one of the companies returned my call and I almost gave up on repairing the pool.

A few weeks later I saw a Pugliese Pool Service truck in my neighbor’s driveway whose staff was cleaning their pool. I walked over and spoke with the friendly staff who gave me a Pugliese Pool Service’s business card and directed me to contact the owner, Alex. I called Alex who scheduled a visit the following week to look at my pool.

When Alex came to look at my pool, he spent several hours with me looking at every aspect of the pool. I never owned a pool before and did not know anything about their design, equipment, or maintenance. Alex answered all of my questions while inspecting the equipment. He removed and replaced the cover to inspect decking and interior of the pool. Needless to say I was very impressed with Alex who was very friendly, knowledgeable, and sincere. After inspecting my pool, Alex provided us with several different repair options and did not try to sell me on any unnecessary repairs or plans. Alex left all the decisions up to my wife and I which made us feel at ease.

When we contracted with Alex everything was spelled out in a written contract with no surprises. Prior to the work beginning, Alex provided us with samples of all the materials to help us with our design and “color scheme.” Since the materials would be both wet and dry, Alex spent time mixing and matching the coping, decking, and plaster samples together with us when they were both wet and dry. Once we chose our color scheme, it was time to get to work.

The Work: I have to say I am very impressed with the level of craftsmanship performed by Alex and his team. I was also very happy to see Alex on site who not only manages his staff, but jumps right in the mix to make sure everything is done right and that the job site is cleaned up at the end of the work day. Alex and his staff removed and replaced all of the old decking, coping, and tile from the pool. The pool was drained and the interior of the pool was sounded for weak concrete and repaired where necessary. I had an additional skimmer and return line installed which Alex recommended for a pool my size. I must say the additional return and skimmer does a great job keeping the pool water clean and prevents any leaves from settling to the bottom. I asked Alex to pitch the decking to a catch basin I had installed for rain water which came out perfect. The Kool Deck was a great touch since our pool gets direct sunlight all day and the decking (patio) stays cool to the touch. Lastly, I have to say I had a few masons at my house several months after the pool was completed providing estimates to repair concrete steps. I was very happy when they all commented on how well the coping and decking had been installed.

Alex and his team helped me transform my yard into a summer paradise for my wife and two kids. Our house is now the central hub in the summer time for our large family and friends. Alex and his team of pool specialists are all very courteous, professional, and do excellent work ! I highly recommend Pugliese Pool Service for all of your pool repairs and maintenance."

James and Christine Marczewski
Clark, NJ


"When we bought our house the swimming pool was a "complete disaster". We were able to get two (2) seasons out of it before the pool equipment failed and the coping and decking began to break and sink making for an unsafe condition. We closed the pool and for the next several years the pool became an ever growing eye sore in our backyard. We called a large "well known" tri-state area pool renovation company and asked for a quote to renovate the pool. A representative from the company came to our house and after looking at the pool for all of two minutes handed me an astronomically high quote to renovate the pool. At this point I began to look for a contractor to fill the pool in with dirt. 


Thankfully, prior to filling in the pool with dirt, a friend told us to call Alex from Pugliese Pool Service. Alex promptly came over and before we could even discuss with him what we were looking to accomplish he was fixing faulty pool cover springs and making it a safer environment for my family. Alex spent time with us and explained in basic terms our options for renovating our pool. By the end of the conversation Alex took us from wanting to fill the pool in with dirt to envisioning a beautiful back yard retreat. The best part of the proposal was the quote was almost half of what the "well known" pool company wanted to charge and included double the options.


Today our pool is the focal part of our backyard. The once "eye sore" is now a place we entertain family and friends all season long. All thanks to our new friend Alex!


Alex and his professional, knowledgeable and courteous staff continues to service our pool and keeps it running at tip top shape all summer long. I highly recommend Pugliese Pool Service for all your pool needs."

Bob and Sharon Treiber
Florham Park, NJ