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Pugliese Pool Service in West Orange, NJ Helps Their Clients with Protecting Their Pool Over the Cold Winter Season

closing the pool for the winter

Pugliese Pool Service in West Orange, NJ knows that as the cold weather approaches that they want their clients to start thinking about winterizing their swimming pool. What is winterizing you may ask? Well, the purpose of winterizing your swimming pool is to help protect it from any damage due to the freezing water. And another reason to close your pool correctly is to keep it clean for the next season. Alex and his staff at Pugliese Pool Service in West Orange, NJ know that when it comes to closing your swimming pool properly will truly help you save a whole lot of work when it comes to the time to open your swimming pool for the summer.

Here are some great steps to follow that will help your pool be safe as possible for the winter and low maintenance so that it’s ready for then the warm weather returns in the spring.

1. Balance The Water – make sure about 4-7 days prior to closing your swimming pool for the winter, make sure that you bring you pool pH to (7.6-7.8), pool alkalinity to (80-100), and finally the calcium hardness to (150-250) in line.
2. Removal Of Inground and Above Ground Pool Accessories – remember to remove all skimmer baskets, heaters, slide, any wall fittings, vacuums, pool cleaners, ladders, handrails, or anything else that should not be in the pool.
3. Clean And Backwash The Filter – make sure to do one final brush and vacuum to help winterize your swimming pool. And once this id all done, then it will be time to backwash your filter.4. Empty Your Chemical Feeder – if you swimming pool as a chemical feeder, then this would be a great time to drain and empty it.
5. Winter Pool Covers – this is the best time to break our your above ground pool winter cover or your inground pool winter cover that will help keep all the debris out of your pool. But if you use a solid cover this will help keep out all debris and the sun.

By following all these steps to help protect your ground pool or an inground pool for the cool winter season will make it will great when you have to opening back up again in the spring. So, if you need help protecting your swimming pool for the cold winter season. Then, call Pugliese Pool Service in West Orange, NJ at 973-736-8184.

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