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Be sure to do Regular Routine Maintenance and Cleaning for Your Pool in Essex County NJ

clean poolCleaning your pool in Essex County, NJ will ensure your pool water stays healthy. Routine pool maintenance requires a swimming pool to have a skimmer, pool brush, vacuum, and a good working filter. In addition, swimming pools will have an adapter into the skimmer intake and a filter to discard any waste. Pugliese Pool Service will keep your pool clean and your pool chemicals well balanced in Essex County, NJ for the summer. They offer the following pool services:

  • Installation and Servicing of Your Pool Pump
  • Installation and Servicing of Your Pool Filtration System
  • Installation and Servicing of Your Pool Heater
  • Installation and Servicing of Your Chlorine or Salt Generator System

First and foremost, all swimming pools need a pool pump to help circulate the water. A pool pump takes water from the pool into the skimmer to filter the water. Installing and servicing your Pool Pump is important to ensure your water is circulating throughout your pool.

Next, a pool’s swimming filtration system cleans the water through the filter’s pipe catching any dirt or debris found in your pool. The collected dirt or debris found in your swimming pool can slow down the water flow causing further issues down the road. Pugliese Pool Service can install and set up your pool filtration system to ensure dirt and debris is being collected through your filter’s inlet pipe system.

Lastly, Pugliese Pool Service in West Orange, NJ servicing Essex County, NJ also installs and services pool heaters. Tired of swimming in cold water? Whether the pool water temperature is 78 degrees or 80 degrees, everyone likes warm pool water. A pool heater warms up the pool water to your desired temperature for a comfortable swim.

Performing regular, routine maintenance and cleaning for your pool in Essex County NJ also includes installation and servicing of your chlorine or salt generator system. If you opted for a chlorine pool or a saltwater system, Pugliese Pool service can help install and set up your generator system as well. Their pool experts will answer all of your questions and make every effort to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

If you are like the Google reviewer known as BobCat who is looking for a pool company who will service all your pool maintenance needs, then Pugliese Pool Service is there to help! A Google reviewer for Pugliese Pool Service commented on a job they did for him stating,

“Alex and his crew at Pugliese Pools have been our single source for repair work, maintenance, and answering every swimming pool question imaginable. Pugliese Pool Service is reliable and very knowledgeable about all facets of operating a pool. We have used Pugliese for over a dozen years. Without hesitation, I highly recommend them.”

So be sure to contact Pugliese Pool Services for your regular, routine pool maintenance. Feel confident you are in good hands with the pool experts at Pugliese Pool Services in West Orange, NJ. Contact them today!