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Pugliese Pool Service in West Orange, NJ Helps Their Clients with Protecting Their Pool Over the Cold Winter Season

closing the pool for the winter

Pugliese Pool Service in West Orange, NJ knows that as the cold weather approaches that they want their clients to start thinking about winterizing their swimming pool. What is winterizing you may ask? Well, the purpose of winterizing your swimming pool is to help protect it from any damage due to the freezing water. And another reason to close your pool correctly is to keep it clean for the next season. Alex and his staff at Pugliese Pool Service in West Orange, NJ know that when it comes to closing your swimming pool properly will truly help you save a whole lot of work when it comes to the time to open your swimming pool for the summer.

Here are some great steps to follow that will help your pool be safe as possible for the winter and low maintenance so that it’s ready for then the warm weather returns in the spring.

1. Balance The Water – make sure about 4-7 days prior to closing your swimming pool for the winter, make sure that you bring you pool pH to (7.6-7.8), pool alkalinity to (80-100), and finally the calcium hardness to (150-250) in line.
2. Removal Of Inground and Above Ground Pool Accessories – remember to remove all skimmer baskets, heaters, slide, any wall fittings, vacuums, pool cleaners, ladders, handrails, or anything else that should not be in the pool.
3. Clean And Backwash The Filter – make sure to do one final brush and vacuum to help winterize your swimming pool. And once this id all done, then it will be time to backwash your filter.
4. Empty Your Chemical Feeder – if you swimming pool as a chemical feeder, then this would be a great time to drain and empty it.
5. Winter Pool Covers – this is the best time to break our your above ground pool winter cover or your inground pool winter cover that will help keep all the debris out of your pool. But if you use a solid cover this will help keep out all debris and the sun.

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Pugliese Pool Service in West Orange, NJ Got Another 5-Star Review

5 star review v3Pugliese Pool Service in West Orange, NJ is really appreciative in getting another 5-star review from our clients. By getting another 5-star review it is showing us that people will call us to come and remodel the pool that is already there. And even make sure that all the maintenance is surly up to date.

One of our customers told us how we are quite fair and reasonable. Even neat, respectful, and true craftsman.

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Pugliese Pool Service Offers Stamped Concrete for The People in South Orange, NJ

stamped concrete pool deckIf you need your pool decking replaced then, Alex and his team at Pugliese Pool Service in West Orange, NJ will replace it with a stamped concrete instead. What is stamped concrete pool deck you may ask? Well, it’s an ideal pool deck surface that combines the attributes of the beauty, durability and also low maintenance. The stamped concrete pool deck will help give your pool a vast array of decorative options that are not possible with any other pool deck materials. And you can choose from many different types of stamped concrete pool decks like stone, brick, and title patterns and even a wood grained texture.

Here are some designs ideas that will help you come up with the type of stamped concrete pool deck that you want done for your pool. And they are:

1. So, if your concrete pool deck that is exposed to the hot sun all day, you want to make sure that you keep the surface cooler by coloring the concrete with lighter shades, for example, sand, coral or pearly white tones.
2. Try avoiding the use of stamp patterns that have a deep grout line or a rough surfaces texture because this will allow the water to collect and then it will be uncomfortable to walk bare foot.
3. Make sure you set off your pool deck and adding decorative interest by installing a pool border, or coping, in the contrasting color and pattern.
4. Make sure you terrace the level of your stamped concrete pool deck to help provide the separated zones for your lounging and recreation time.

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Pugliese Pool Service Helps the People in South Orange, NJ With Their Pool Safety Cover Installation

pool safety cover installation nj v2If you live in the area of South Orange, NJ and a need pool safety cover installation for your pool then, contact Alex and his team at Pugliese Pool Service in West Orange, NJ. Alex and his team will help you find the perfect safety cover installation that will go great with your pool.

Alex and the team at Pugliese Pool Service in West Orange, NJ will install either a custom or solid mesh safety cover for your pool that will give it beauty, security, and also the peace of mind that you need. The safety covers for pools are very essential in:

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Pool Opening Season is here in the Town of Montclair

jesse gardner unsplash v2It’s that time of the year where you have your pool open for the season. So, call Pugliese Pool Service in West Orange, NJ at 973-736-8184 or contact them at http://pugliesepoolservice.com/index.php/contact-us. Don’t live with uneven concrete around your pool. We can help! We know that the decking surrounding your pool is the integral component that is the overall look of your backyard. Alex and his team at Pugliese can help provided you with every conceivable option to help ensure you have a beautiful, even pool patio.

When it comes to installing new pool decking for your pool for the opening season, Alex and his team at Pugliese Pool Service in West Orange, NJ will be there to help. And here 3 things that they offer when installing new pool decking for your pool opening season.

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